Trailer Wrap installation only project

We often get outside wrap companies asking us to install their wrap for them. Continue reading “Trailer Wrap installation only project” »


Hummer H2 wrap for Gemma’s Jewelers

We just finished up this H2 with a full wrap for a local jewelry store, Gemma’s Jewelers. Continue reading “Hummer H2 wrap for Gemma’s Jewelers” »


Toyota Prius wrap for Costar

Michael Gabriel from the Gabriel Company chose us to do the installation for his customers Prius. Continue reading “Toyota Prius wrap for Costar” »


Digital Camouflage Chevy Tahoe

Can you see the Chevy Tahoe wrap in the picture? Tony called us up about wrapping is Tahoe in a digital desert camo pattern. Continue reading “Digital Camouflage Chevy Tahoe” »


Insurance Toyota Sienna wrap

Here’s another Insurance wrap. This time for agent Bele Nguyen in Fountain Valley. Continue reading “Insurance Toyota Sienna wrap” »


Glittertainment Dodge Caravan Wrap

The folks over at Glittertainment called us up about wrapping their Dodge Caravan. Continue reading “Glittertainment Dodge Caravan Wrap” »


Block Party Game Truck & Trailer wrap


Oh boy. Where do we start on this one. Here we go. Continue reading “Block Party Game Truck & Trailer wrap” »


Healthy Paw Honda Civic Wrap

This wrap turned out awesome. Totally serious when we say we installed this wrap the day after Christmas, which was a Sunday. Continue reading “Healthy Paw Honda Civic Wrap” »


CalWest Heating & Plumbing truck wrap

Here’s another plumbing and heating utility truck wrap. Continue reading “CalWest Heating & Plumbing truck wrap” »

Lamborghini Gallardo matte gold wrap

Lamborghini Gallardo matte gold wrap

Take a look at this matte gold Lamborghini Gallardo wrap we recently did. Continue reading “Lamborghini Gallardo matte gold wrap” »

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