Matte / Color Change Wraps

GES Graphis even offers the very popular Matte Black car wrap. When it comes to the quality that is required to turn your car into a high-end Matte Black work of art, GES Graphics is the one that can handle it. With years of experience in Matte Black finishes, you’ll can see the quality in our wraps the moment you lay eyes on your car.

If you are looking to give your car a new look or attitude but don’t want to permanently alter it (like a paint job would), a Full Color Change wrap is your best bet. Instantly get a vibrant new color of your choice without the hassle and cost of a custom paint job. Our Matte Black and Full Color Change wraps cost a fraction of a custom paint job and are removable at any time with no damage to your original paint.

Contact Us For a Quote

Interested in finding out more about a Matte/Color Change wrap on your vehicle? Contact GES Graphics for a custom quote through our online form or call directly. We can wrap all kinds of vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Semi-trucks
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • And almost anything else you can bring in!

Featured Projects

Check out some of our recently featured projects on our blog. From press to our latest car wrap, our blog will keep you updated with what GES Graphics is up to.

Looking for inspiration for your own vehicle? Look no further! We have experience wrapping all kinds of vehicles from cars to boats. Our blog is a great place to start getting ideas. So if our full color enhanced graphic car wraps are what you’d prefer, our professional designers can create custom graphics that fit your taste and/or your business’ branding.