Pearl White Z06 Corvette

One word. Gorgeous. That’s really the only way to describe this finished wrap.Ernesto called us up about wrapping his 2010 Corvette Z06 in Pearl White. The car is originally dark blue. Since Chevy didn’t make a white Corvette in 2010, let alone a pearl white one, wrapping was the only way to go. He also wanted to wrap the roof area and spoiler in carbon fiber. After talking to him a bit, we came to find out that he proudly serves in the Army. At Premier Wraps we offer a 10% Military Discount, which we gladly implemented with this project. Installation took a couple of days, instead of the usual 24hrs, because of the heat we’ve been having here in So Cal. But the extra day allowed us to really get detailed with installation. We took the wrap a bit farther then normal and went all the way into the door jams.  Again. One word. Gorgeous.