Frosty Blue Matte Metallic Lexus ES350

Take a look at this car. First of all these pictures do not do this color justice.  A couple of months ago my mom was talking to my wife and in conversation she mentions she’s going to be trading in her Lexus because she’s tired of the silver color. Patty, my wife says, “Do you have any idea what your son does for living?”. After mailing her our color samples, she picked this beautiful Frost Blue Matte Metallic from the Avery Supreme line. It took awhile to schedule an installation date because of the distance, but once we got a hold of the car it was on. We had the handles and mirrors removed by an outside company to give it that painted finish look with seams or patches. Whether it was parked in the shop, or outside, the way the light hits it just does something to the color. It’s hard to explain. Mom was a little hesitant on the matte finish, but called me twice the day she picked it up saying she’s gotten compliments and that she loves it.