Cold Star Ice 48′ trailer wrap

If you’ve been to the site before, you know we do a lot of wraps for Cold Star Ice. Well here’s the biggest job yet.Dann at Cold Star Ice has been looking for show piece of sorts. Cold Star Ice supplies all the ice for LA County Fair, NHRA Drags, OC County Fair, NASCAR, etc. They were looking for that one trailer that would really stand out at these events. A few quick phone calls about the design he was going for and we put our designer to work. Once we got the ok it was time to hit the press for almost 18 hours. Add in another couple hours for laminating and trimming and it was time to install this sucker. 2 installers applied the entire wrap (both sides and the back) in a day and half. That includes going over every single rivet by hand to give it a quality professional look. If you see this trailer at any of the events it’s at in Southern California walk up and take a look for your self. Say hi to the guys selling ice out of it. Better yet, pick up a bag of Cold Star Ice….they’re in a grocery and liquor stores around So Cal as well.