53′ Trailer & Tractor wrap for Magnaflow

Our latest wrap….and installation only job for Magnaflow Exhaust  and Active Grafix. We’ve mentioned before that we do a lot of installations only. What this means exactly is another wrap shop with have us do the installation for them. Maybe because they’re out of state. Maybe because of timing. Maybe it’s easier for logistic reasons. The reasons are endless. This job for Magnaflow was no different. Colin from Active Grafix in Mesa, AZ called us up one day to see if we’d be interested in helping out on this installation. Magnaflow is located here in Southern California, so it was easier to bring the hauler here then drive it all the way to Arizona for a couple of days. The entire job took 3 guys 3 days to complete. We wrapped the trailer and the truck. Even the back of the truck. Pretty much what ever you see that’s black is vinyl. The original color of both the truck and trailer was blue and white. It was a huge project at almost 3500 sq ft of vinyl. To put that in perspective, your average car wrap is anywhere from 250-300 sq ft. Fun project. Glad we could help out on it.