Ultra Metallic Pink VW Beetle

Check out this 2013 VW Beetle we recently wrapped in Ultra Metallic Pink vinyl with a Pearl White two-tone.Ok. First things first. You’re looking at the ONLY vehicle in North America in this color. I’m sorry, but if you want your car in this color it’s just not going to happen anytime soon. We got a call from Ontario Volkswagen about doing a pink beetle. The parts manager there use to work at another dealer out in LA that we did the other pink Beetle for. Being local now he wanted to do another one. But this time asked if we had another color pink. Since there’s only one pink out there on the market (Pepto Pink as we call it), we decided to pull some massive strings to see if we could get a roll of this Ultra Metallic Pink from Avery. Avery debut it at the SEMA show a couple months ago, but it was only a test roll. It technically doesn’t exist. We were able to get one….and one, as in the last roll. Avery produced the color for a company in China and kept a couple rolls. One was used at SEMA, the other….you guessed it. (We’ve been told that Avery would like to produce an ultra metallic line of vinyl for car wrapping down the road, but there’s no time line set.) We also wanted to play up the old school bug look by putting a two-tone in it. So once wrapped we then overlaid pearl white. The finished wrap is awesome looking. The sparkle is crazy in the sun. Pictures just don’t do this color justice.