We teach car wrap classes

We were recently called up by Regional Supply in Salt Lake City, UT to teach a class of 12 some tips and tricks on car wrapping.So we got on a plane for a couple of hours and flew North. One day 1 we toured the Regional Supply warehouse and got everyone together to talk about what we were going to work on. Randy Schuette with Avery (yeah…we wrapped his car too….remember this car?) was there to introduce him self and give a brief over view of Avery vinyl. Then we went to work wrapping Regional’s Sprinter van. Splitting the class up into halves, we had one group on one side and one group on the other. On day 2 we finished up the Sprinter van and then went to work on a Dodge truck. Tackling the tougher areas like door handles. Overall had a great time and based on the feedback we’ve received the students picked up a bunch of new tips and tricks to increase speed and quality.

Who would you want to have wrap your car? Someone who wraps a few times a year, or someone who teaches people how to wrap?