Matte Black Porsche Panamera

Here’s the latest matte black wrap that’s come out of our shop. A Porsche Panamera for Chase Car Inc. What makes this Porsche unique is that it’s used for movie shoots. They call it a camera car. There’s a rack that bolts to the roof that hold a 16′ boom with a camera on the end. The inside of the car has been modified so a camera operator can operate the controls where the back window use to be. You’re probably thinking a $160,000 Porsche, really? Ya, we thought the same thing. Because of the high horsepower engine, the racing suspension and the big brakes, the Panamera makes a perfect chase car. It can hold the extra weight of the boom, camera and equipment. Has the brakes to stop all that extra weight, the power to get that much weight up to speed to capture the perfect shot. Wrapping it matte black makes it less likely to give off reflections that would other wise show up in the shot. Only in Hollywood.