Your Warranty Explained

Everyone that inquires about a car wrap wants to know what the warranty is.So we’re going to explain it to you. I’m sure you’ve made a couple phone calls by now to ‘other’ wrap shops looking for the best deal on your wrap. (There’s a saying in this business that cheap is expensive. And it’s true. I’m sure everyone has said the same thing about the warranty on them. They all say 3 years, right? Well guess what, they’re only partially correct. There’s different warranties for the different colors, different materials and even the position the vinyl is placed on the car and where it’s placed on the car. First let’s start with a digitally printed wrap. You know, like this.¬† The warranty on this type of wrap is for 3 years, but only on vinyl that is applied in vertical position. ie: the sides. There is no warranty on any vinyl that is laid down in a horizontal position. ie: hood, roof, trunk, top of bumpers, etc. If we’re changing the color to a gloss solid film (like this) then the warranty is 12 years for vertical, 8 for horizontal. How about a matte color, like the popular matte black. (like this) Then it’s covered for 10 and 5, respectfully. Did you know we have a brushed line of films? Like brushed steel and brushed titanium? Well you’re going to walk away with a 5/3 warranty. Now what about the one-way window film you see on the windows of the car, sorry, but no warranty. It’s a big reason we try to design wraps without using the window film. We’re not really comfortable delivering a wrap that’s not covered under any warranty from the manufacturer. Oh yeah. There is no warranty on vinyl that is applied to rubber molding, caulking or glass. That goes for digitally printed vinyl and full color changing films. So next time you see a wrap driving down the road that has all the moldings covered, know that there’s no chance any manufacturer is going to back a material failure.

A detailed shot of your wrap warranty. Yes. We put it in writing.

What sets us apart from the competition is we put our warranties in writing. Every customer, every full car wrap gets an envelope. And in the envelope is the their warranty…in writing. It includes our business card, the West Coast¬†representative for Avery Dennisons business card. A copy of Avery’s IMS warranty program. A 6 page print out of the vinyls spec sheet. a set of wrap care instructions, that include the do’s and don’ts of your wrap. And the most important thing, either the actual label from the box, or written down, is a copy of the lot numbers for each of the material/s used. Lot numbers are key. If something were to happen to the vinyl that was the manufacturers fault the first thing they’ll want is the lot number/s. This will tell Avery everything about the roll; who made, where, when, etc. They can even tell if there’s been other failures, or warranty claims with the same batch. Almost forget. We also get on Avery’s site and register your wrap directly with the manufacturer.

Now your probably wondering about your installation warranty. Guess what, we don’t have one. Never have and never will. Why? Because we stand behind our installations 100%. If there’s ever a problem with your wrap that was caused by one of our installers not doing an exceptional job, then call us and we’ll fix. No questions asked. Our customers are our biggest sales reps. Keep them happy. They tell friends where they went to get their car wrapped.

So get those quotes. You’re a consumer. You have every right to. I would too. But you need to ask the ‘other’ guys if they put their manufactures warranty in writing. And ask them how long they back up their own installations. I bet the answers will surprise you.