Angry Birds helmet wrap

Ok. I usually don’t post personal wraps. But I had to share this latest wrap. Obviously my kids know what I do for a living. They know where the shop is, they come by after school sometimes and do their home work. My desk has the drawings they’ve made me, pictures of the kids, etc. The walls in our house are wrapped, the iPad is wrapped, the Xbox is wrapped, the dishwasher is wrapped in stainless steel…you get the idea. Most kids play baseball or soccer in their youth years. My son is different. He races quarter midgets. And he’s good at it. We travel all over California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada racing. The first time Seth ever climbed into a race car and took laps he was 4 years old. He’ll be 8 this coming February (Valentines Day baby) and has been bugging me THE entire time for a helmet wrap. I keep blowing him off. Not because it’s a helmet wrap, but because I know no matter what I did he’d like it and I wouldn’t. With what I do for a living it has to be really cool so both of us can show it off. Well, after really bugging me lately for a helmet wrap I finally gave in. Seth and I looked at hundreds of helmet designs on the internet. 99% of the designs out there can’t be done with vinyl and have to be painted. Then while getting dressed for school one morning in his Angry Birds t-shirt it got me thinking. Some quick internet research and I was off to the races, pardon the pun. Helmets are pain in the butt to wrap. Ask any experienced wrapper. They’re not fun. In fact we turn them down on a weekly basis because there’s really no profit in doing them giving the labor and design time that goes into them. Between his ideas and a lot of design time, we came up with the following design.

Two things to note. First. Helmet wraps are not done in one piece. On this particular helmet wrap there’s a total of 6 different pieces that make up the base wrap. We just hid the seams in certain spots so you wouldn’t see them. Then we over laid the birds on top of the base wrap. Second. I’m fully aware of copy right issues. But one, I’m not selling this design. It was for me. And second. Every one of those birds is available free on the internet in the file type we use regularly. The font, it’s nothing special. Its called Feast of Flesh BB and is another free down load.