Matte Purple Metallic Fisker Karma

We got a call one day from Avery about wrapping a Fisker Karma for some promotional purposes. How do you say no to that?After about a week of scheduling we picked a day for installation. We drove out to Fisker of Orange County and did the installation in their show room. You might be thinking purple matte metallic, right? We were too. On the roll and in the catalog it’s one of the colors you’d look right past. But as soon as the first piece went on we knew it was a home run. Installation took about 5 hours to convert this Fisker from a plain silver to easily the most gorgeous color we’ve ever seen on a car. Once we pulled out this $105,000 car in the sun is when the beauty of the color really showed up. Matte colors are becoming more and more popular. As the ever popular matte black fad is hitting it’s peak, it’s colors like this that people will start to see more of on the road. And if you’re wondering if we got to take this sucker around the block….all 989lbs of torque, the answer is yes.

Fisker of Orange County and all the folks at corporate loved the way it turned out so much they decided to put it in their booth at the Orange County Auto Show. Talk about a big thank you to us.