Matte Black Chrysler 300

Here’s our latest matte black car wrap. What makes this wrap extra special is it’s our Avery representatives personal car.When Randy called us up about wrapping his personal car it was a huge honor. He oversees hundreds of shops in 12 different states, including British Columbia….and he chose us to do the job. Talk about major kudos. With a little scheduling we picked a day and the rest was history. You’re probably thinking we went way over board with the installation, right? Guess what. We didn’t. We just wrapped his car the only way we know how, which is the RIGHT WAY. While we were at it, just for fun, we added some brushed aluminum accents to the steering wheel.

Vinyl manufacturer or not, when it leaves our shop it’s perfect. Interested in getting your car done in matte black? Give us a call for a free quote. 909-822-4400