Lamborghini Gallardo matte gold wrap

Take a look at this matte gold Lamborghini Gallardo wrap we recently did.This was an installation only job we took at the last minute because the installer never showed up. While there we also wrapped a matching Mercedes SLS 63AMG Gullwing. Both cars were being wrapped for a 3 day event coming up. When that’s over we’re headed back to do the removal on both cars. What made this job extremely difficult was the material that was used. It wasn’t the standard vehicle wrap vinyl we’re use to using. Because it was on back order, the customer purchased a knock off that had no air-release in it. So laying down even the┬ásimplest panel required two people. The installation on both cars took hours. We were able to get both installed by deadline but it was tight. Sorry we couldn’t really get a great shot of the Mercedes because half way through the installation they came and got the rims for painting. Leaving the car on jack stands.