Block Party Game Truck & Trailer wrap


Oh boy. Where do we start on this one. Here we go.Jerry called us up one day about wrapping his truck and trailer for his new game truck company. We quoted on the job and all seemed good. A week or so went by and Jerry calls us up to say that we’re not going to be installing the wrap. His business partner had already found someone else to do it cheaper. I’m not going to mention the ‘other’ company, but I told Jerry I’d never heard of them and if they don’t know what they’re doing these are the things that will be done wrong. Sure enough, another week went by and Jerry comes by with just the trailer wrapped asking how much to fix the ‘other’ companies mistakes and to wrap his Dodge. We┬áimmediately back in the trailer and got to work. 24 hours later the Dodge wrap was on press. There’s a bunch of pictures attached of the finished product. But I’m also posting some before and afters of the trailer fix. And a couple of shots of what not to do when you wrap a trailer.

Oh yea. One final, totally cool, thing. You’ll notice in the completed wrap picture that there’s no wrap on the front bumper. We took the finished wrap picture and put it on the tailgate of the truck at a later date. This way when he’s not pulling the trailer you can still tell what the truck is all about. We simply printed the front bumper at the same time as the tailgate.

If you want to read why sign shops shouldn’t be wrapping cars. Then read this article. You’ll understand where we’re coming from about this wrap. (click here)