Want to know how we wrap a door handle on a Sprinter Van?

Take a look at this quick video we made of us wrapping the door handle area on a Sprinter Van. The actual handles pop out really easy on these vans with just one hex-head located on the doors jam. Once they’re out it allows us to wrap over the entire indented area giving the finished wrap a super clean look. We’re using Avery’s new Supercast 1005ESRS and DOL 1360 over laminate for this project. With a little heat, a couple of relief cuts, an application glove and some plain old baby shampoo and water, we’re able to slide out finger across the vinyl, working into the recessed area. When we’re done we post heat the area to 190* and that’s it. Vinyl will stay put and won’t fail. And we didn’t use any adhesive promoter to keep it down.