Pabst Blue Ribbon Freightliner Motorhome Wrap

We recently got a call from the guys over a Pabst Blue Ribbon wanting their 38′ Freightliner Motorhome wrapped. When they called, the motorhome was already wrapped by someone else and the quality just wasn’t there. We were told it had been back to the other company on 4 separate occasions to get fixed. With Pabst Blue Ribbon wanting to change up the advertising message they went out in search of a new wrap shop to complete the job. A friend of a friend contacts later and we were in touch with each other. This project was a monster. First we had to remove the old wrap. Second we had to print the new wrap which took approximately 14 hours just to print. When printing a wrap you have to let the vinyl out-gas (or dry) for a minimum of 24 hours. That was a problem because we only had 3 days to complete the job. We were lucky the installation was going to fall on a weekend so we ended up getting an extra day for installation. With 4 installers first day and 3 installers on day two Premier Wraps was able to complete the job. We came in under budget and on-time. Which was a big deal, because the motorhome pulled out of our shop and immediately got on the freeway and headed to Florida…..where two days later it got side-swipped and damaged the passenger side of the wrap, but that’s a whole different story.